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[718] Itz Me RMX [718] Itz Me RMX

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

where is your work? -.-''

alexis & fido's "subete" vocal on swizz beatz - it's me snitches beat... sorry, everyone can put an acappella on a beat. Other thing, it doesn't sound good, there are intonation problems with the melodic part of vocal on the beat! (it's logic) I'm sorry for my frankness but let's be realists! I wanna be kind 3/10. My words and vote don't have to discourage you but induce you to work hard. Good luck and have fun!

BxRed responds:

oo yea.. so what u tryin to say? itz wack.. man this is the hottest track out there .. try to do better then..... and get bak at me!!! cuz i no u cant blend..

and if u gonna battle me on blends then let me noe!! Dont talk if u cant do it urself...